We recommend you to take note of the following advice: Never leave open or unattended the main door of the property especially when you are spending  time on the terrace or at the pool; check that everything is closed, as these are ideal moments for opportunistic thieves to strike; keep your valuable items out of view. When you leave the property, for any occasion, besure that all windows, doors and grills are closed, even if you leave only for a while. Watch out that the grill bolts are closed (they are usually in the top and below the center of the grill). On the beach, take care of your handbag and accessories. Never leave them unattended. We ask you to take special care of the keys, as the loss of these, especially outside our office hours could lead to additional costs and inconvenience to you. If the rented property is equipped with alarm system, you will find instructions for its use. It will be your choice whether to use it or not. Under no circumstances permit entry to anyone who is not carrying identification associating the person with our company. If in doubt, contact our office or just do not permit entry to the person, as you will be responsible for all the costs and/or damages caused. You will recognize the staff of Menyber Global Services S.L. because they will have a key to your holiday home, whose reference number will be the same as the set of keys you have. In particular, seniors, be careful with your handbag on the streets! We want to warn you rather tan to scare you! Neither the owners of the properties nor our company are responsible in case of loss or burglary.